digital Meditation

Concept of digital Meditation




digital Meditation(d.M)は、忙しい現代人にも手軽に取り組むことができ、自分を整えるのと同時に、豊かな創造性をもたらす「日本古来の瞑想法」をベースに、最新のロゴストロンテクノロジーを組み合わせた瞑想法として誕生しました。

自宅では、スマホ向けのアプリで日々のケアを行い、日本各地で開催されている d.Mworkshop に参加することができます。


≫ digital Meditation専用サイトはこちらです。

In recent years, meditation methods, including Mindfulness, have been adopted in business situations worldwide.

Meditation is considered to help practitioners to clear out their mind and accept themselves for what they are and spreading as a method to improve business efficiency in Japan.

On the other hand, it can be said that meditation deprives creativity of its practitioners, if it leads them to a state of mere "nothingness".

Unless they are able to maintain the state of nothingness and at the same time, demonstrating creativity, meditation would be just an escape from reality, and its practitioners would eventually suffer the gap between the experience during meditation and that of their daily life.

Digital Meditation (d.M) was developed by integrating the state-of-the-art LOGOSTRON Technology and a Japanese ancient meditation method, so that anyone, even busy business persons, can practice it to restore their mental balance and maximize their creativity.

With a special application for smartphones, you can practice d.M at home for daily mental care. We are also offering "d.Mworkshop" in many parts of Japan. Monthly mental care by this workshop will let you shine from within yourself.

» The website specialized for d.M is here.(Japanese Only)